Paul Merson Thinks this is the last season for Mauricio Pochettino


I was once talking to one of the different dads at my kid’s school. He’s a Tottenham fan, and I asked him how lengthy Pochettino’s been there now. He stated for 5 years. Five years? That’s a lengthy time. Don’t get me wrong, he is an exceptional manager. But it is a long time – he is doing the equal thing every week, the same voice… are the players getting comfortable?


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I watched Spurs beat Crystal Palace the other week. They have been like the Harlem Globetrotters. They made the Palace look pathetic. They had been the closing team to win at Manchester United, Arsenal and Man City – they recognize how to win in massive games. But then Spurs go to Leicester and get beat, having been to Olympiakos where they threw away two goals. I’m not saying get rid of the manager, but everything’s getting a bit monotonous now.

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I’ve obtained to get this proper – I do not want to say get rid of Pochettino and everything’s right, however, it is simply long past bitter there. With everybody, the entire issue wants changing. They’re an appropriate team, who are no longer going to win the league – once again.

It simply looks a bit like the players are wondering ‘we can not win the league now’. The spark’s long gone a bit. They’ve acquired a very appropriate group together, however, they lose too many matches. They’ve already lost two this season, and they should’ve obtained beat easily at Man City. Last season they lost, along with in the Champions League, about 20 soccer matches.

From then till now, it’s about one out of three. That’s now not proper for a top-four team. They should’ve beaten Arsenal an appropriate Tottenham team, full of confidence and hunger, would have picked Arsenal off and crushed them five. But it doesn’t look ravenous to me.

I don’t be aware of how to put my finger on it. The gamers have bought to ask themselves serious questions at the give up of this season. Do they prefer to continue to be at a club and fizzle out? And I’m no longer announcing this due to the fact I used to play for Arsenal, however, at the top of their careers, they’re by no means going to have to work again. Do they prefer to continue to be comfortable, end pinnacle four every week and play week-in, week-out, or go somewhere and win something? They might not play every week, but they may win something.

Do I suppose Pochettino will be there subsequent season? No. The solely component with that is that he will start to lose his credibility if they do not remain the place they are.

They’re the third-best team in the league, in my opinion, still. But even with managers, you have bought to make hay when the sun shines. When Fergie used to be at United, how many times did we hear that Mark Hughes, Bryan Robson or Steve Bruce would be the next manager? They had been all doing nicely at that time.

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